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Bass Set To Assume Board Chair Position

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Sonora, CA — From the new Tuolumne County Supervisorial Board Chair Liz Bass, "There are definitely challenges ahead as we look forward to 2010."

Bass admits there are many challenges ahead in the coming year the first of which is credibility.

"Right now the state of California is suffering from the problem of very little credibility and as that works its way down into the local regions we have that as well and that’s a very tough thing to combat.

I think it really calls for politicians to drop their high hats and get out with the people and figure out what people want and whether or not it’s achievable."

Rather than locking in on the state’s budget problem and those technicalities, Bass contends that we have a massive people problem. She includes in that claim partisanship and gridlock adding that if there are no changes in those areas than nothing will move.

Bass will assume the Chair position when the Board reconvenes Tuesday at 9am at the County Administration Center.

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