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Senator Cox Highlights 2009 Accomplishments

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Sacramento, CA – 2009 was a tough year for lawmakers in Sacramento, but 1st District Republican State Senator Dave Cox feels that there are some success stories.

In his weekly Capitol Report, Cox highlights Assembly Bill 1066, which extends the life of timber harvest plans from five to seven years.

Cox states, “This bill aims to help the timber harvest industry, which has been devastated by California’s strangling regulations and the recession, by allowing for more time to complete a timber harvest plan.”

Cox also feels that a newly passed tax credit will help put Californians back to work.

“Small businesses with 20 or less employees can take advantage of the temporary tax credit if they hire full time employees,” says Cox. “A qualified employer can claim an income tax credit of $3,000 for each additional full time worker.”

Cox also includes Senate Bill 481 in his list of accomplishments. The legislation, which he authored, gives protection to airports that wish to remove birds that they believe may endanger planes. He says Sacramento International Airport has one of the highest number of bird strikes in the nation.

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