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Denham Speaks Out For State Government Reform

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Sonora, CA — During a Wednesday visit to the Mother Lode Republican State Senator Jeff Denham called for immediate governmental reform in California.

According to Denham, the top priority is budget reform. "We’re in a situation right now where we are going to see a $25 billion deficit, probably issuing I.O.U.s once again on the verge of bankruptcy and we’re going to have to make some tough decisions. There are going to have to be some cuts.

People are frustrated that they are seeing their jobs cut. If they’re not facing some type of challenge in their own employment they certainly know other family members or friends who have and they expect government to work for them instead of them working for the government."

Denham adds that one way in which to reduce the budget deficit is reducing the size of government but he comments that in last February’s budget state government added 15,000 employees.

When it comes to state regulations suffocating small business interests, "Right now we’re not as competitive with other states as we should be. Here we’ve got the greatest state in the nation whether its our geography, our people or our weather and yet we are uncompetitive with our bordering states and most states across the nation and we’re losing those jobs. We need to put people back to work here in California.

Denham has announced his candidacy for the 25th District Assembly seat that will be vacated in November by Tom Berryhill who will be running for the 14th District Senate seat to be vacated by Dave Cogdill who is returning to the private sector.

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