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Celtic Faire Welcomes Participants From Around The Globe

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The 23rd Annual Sonora Celtic Faire will take place this weekend, from Friday through Sunday, at the Motherlode Fairgrounds in Sonora.

The Sonora Celtic Faire has become not only the largest Celtic Faire in California but one of the largest in the nation.

Celtic Faire Creator and CEO, Patrick Michael Karnahan, was Wednesday’s KVML Newsmaker of the Day.

"When we first started I had no idea if we would even have a second Faire because of both low attendance and lousy weather" Karnahan said.

Attendance has definitely improved over the years, but the one thing that Karnahan is most proud of retaining ever since the first event, is keeping the Faire steeped in the true traditions of the Celtic tribes with the music, foods, cultural dances, arts, crafts, games, villages and the main events such as knight jousting on horseback.

Karnahan will be celebrating his 50th birthday with many Faire participants and musicians on Friday night beginning at 7pm (which is family night).

Karnahan is proud to point out that several vendors and attendees come in from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and several other parts of the world. Karnahan notes the festival has never had an issue of law enforcement problems and he encourages a good family atmosphere.

Parking and shuttle service from the Sonora Wal-mart will be provided.

Tickets and more information can be found at

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