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Bankruptcy Inquiries Skyrocket In The Mother Lode

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Sonora, CA — Bankruptcy is certainly one of the ugliest words one could ever imagine but in these tough economic times it’s becoming a reality for a number of Mother Lode residents.

Patrick Greenwell of the The Bankruptcy Center in Sonora says bankruptcy inquiries at his firm have tripled in just the past year. While he admits he’s in the business he nevertheless says there are so many ways in which families can avoid the ugly "B" word.

Cast your budget in stone and deviate from it as infrequently as possible. Destroy all credit cards and only use cash or debit cards. In addition gain a clear understanding of the difference between "needs" and "wants."

Greenwell adds, "When it comes to mortgage loan modification and consolidation offers, check them out carefully as many of them are nothing more than scams."

The Greenwell "bottom line" is simply this: "Control your money… don’t allow your money to control you."

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