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“Walk In The Light” Walk

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Sonora, CA– The First Annual Dawn’s Light “Walk in the Light” Suicide Prevention Walk is happening Saturday, November 6th in downtown Sonora.

The purpose of the walk is to help increase suicide prevention awareness and for families and friends to remember those they have lost to suicide.

“It’s such a difficult subject to talk about, said Dawn’s Light Director Nansea Arquette. “We want a positive way to introduce this whole subject, to make it not so difficult, not so taboo to talk about, so that those families get support.” Arquette said that she expects over 100 walkers to participate in the walk that begins at the Dawn’s Light parking lot at 591 S. Washington Street and ends at Court House Park. At the end of the walk there will be food available, information on suicide prevention, suicide prevention classes and grief support.

Dawn’s Light began in 2007 and is devoted to grief support services and suicide prevention for children, teens and adults.

For more information on Dawn’s Light or the “Walk in the Light” Suicide Prevention Walk call (209) 532-9001.

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