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Backup Plan For PG&E Forced Outages

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Angels Camp, CA – As PG&E has alerted the public that it will be implementing its Public Safety Power Shutoff Program (PSPS) this summer when weather conditions threaten possible extreme fire danger — City of Angels Camp officials advise they are prepared.

The utility acknowledges that the public may not be notified until the day of threatening weather and that the power could be out for several days. With that disclosure Angels Camp officials are planning to mitigate forced outages by installing multiple back-up generators at critical sites in the City. While uninterrupted power is required to operate the city’s water and sewer treatment plants along with the water distribution and sewer collection system 24/7, according to city officials, interruptions may still occur and residents will be asked to conserve water.

If the power is shut off for a prolonged period, “Resiliency Centers” will be set up to give citizens a place to go to get water and electricity or just cool off. Those designated locations will be announced when opened during a PSPS. Further information on the company’s power shut offs were earlier reported here.