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Juvenile Allegedly Attacks Officer

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Sonora, CA — Four juveniles face drug related charges following a run-in with the Sonora Police Department.

Officers responded to the 500 block of North Stewart Street Monday evening for a report of several juveniles being under the influence of prescription medications.

Two males and two females, all between the ages of 16-17, were transported to the hospital for treatment. One of the juveniles had 20 Xanax pills and a hypodermic needle.

While at the hospital, a 17-year-old male attacked one of the officers and attempted to remove the officer’s handgun from his holster. The officer was able to fight off the juvenile’s attack, but the officer sustained an injury to one of his hands during the struggle.

All four juveniles face charges ranging from felony possession of a prescription drug without a prescription to misdemeanor being under the influence of a controlled substance.

An investigation into the matter is ongoing in an attempt to find where the juveniles obtained the Xanax.

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