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CCWD Meeting About HWY 4 Delays For Pipeline Replacement

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Avery, CA — Calaveras County Water District (CCWD) plans to host a town hall Wednesday, June 5, about the pipeline replacements next month along Highway 4.

CCWD spokesperson Joel Metzger warns the community and travelers, “There will be many cases when one of the lanes will be shut down and there will be one-way traffic control. Folks are going to have to wait ten-minutes or so, before they are able to get past the construction zone.” More than four miles of pipe needs to be replaced, from Avery to Forest Meadows north of Muphys.

The June 5th Town Hall Meeting discussing the project will begin at 5:30 PM at Mountain Christian Fellowship located at 3488 Highway 4 in Murphys.
CCWD invites the public to attend and learn more the project which is part of the Reach 1 Pipeline Replacement Project that will last through the fall of this year and then pick up again in the spring of 2020. They also note they will not be working on weekends or holidays and will end work early on Friday.

The work entails replacing about five miles of 8-inch steel water main, which was installed in 1965, beginning at Hunter Dam Road near Avery and heading west along Highway 4 through Hathaway Pines and Red Apple Ranch and ending near the entrance to Forest Meadows. The district relays that the pipeline is being replaced due to its poor condition that has caused a series of failures and repairs. CCWD spokesperson Joel Metzger shared that the 12-inch pipeline will span 23,000 feet and another 1,300 feet of new 8-inch diameter ductile iron water main pipeline, including pressure reducing stations, fire hydrants and air valves will be installed.

To combat any service interruption to customers and safeguard public health and bacteriological sterility in the water system, Metzger advises, the existing pipeline will remain operational throughout the project. The pipeline replacement is expected to be completed in winter 2020. It will cost $7.5 million with the funds coming from the District’s Capital Renovation and Replacement Fund.