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County Banning Marijuana Dispensaries?

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Supervisors will talk about whether to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

On August 1st the City of Sonora passed a ban on marijuana dispensaries, and the Supervisors will decide whether to follow the city’s lead on Tuesday. The Board is scheduled to vote on whether to add a chapter to the County Ordinance Code that would prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries in the county’s unicorporated areas.

If the Board is unhappy with a ban, they have the option of asking staff members to draw up a new ordinance to regulate dispensaries.

AB 1300 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown this year which allows cities and counties to regulate medical marijuana collectives or place an outright ban.

Tuesday’s Public Hearing is set for 10:30am at the Government Center in downtown Sonora. The Board of Supervisors meeting will be streamed live in the multimedia section.