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A Walk For Breast Cancer Awareness

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Sonora, CA– In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sonora Regional Medical Center held a special walk and rally.

The noontime event featured a few speakers including SRMC Breast Health Nurse Navigator Susan Troy and local breast cancer survivor and co-worker Karen Keith. Keith said that help and support for her came from many sources and encouraged visitation, early detection, and courage for all those who face the diagnosis.

Sonora Regional General Surgeon, Dr. Kimberlee Reed stated that over her years working at Sonora Regional hospital she has averaged two new breast cancer patients per week. She also noted that with Troy helping patients navigate through the process and other advancements over her medical carreer the time between detection, diagnosis and treatment has been greatly reduced.  She cited that in some cases it has gone from 3 months down to a week or days, with a much higher survival rate. 

Those in attendance were encouraged to write the names of people they knew who have been affected by breast cancer, including themselves, on the hospital helicopter pad. An aerial picture was delayed this year because of mechanical issues but the helicopter staff attended the event.

About 40 people participated in the one-mile walk around the hospital campus. It was also noted that there is usually a public walk starting at the hospital flagpole every Friday at noon.