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Greenley Road Water Flushing

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne Utilities District is flushing the water system this week in the areas of Greenley Road and Campo Seco.

T.U.D. reports that the purpose is to flush out any sediment or minerals that can accumulate in the pipes on a yearly basis. T.U.D. says customers should keep the following things in mind:

• Don’t be alarmed if you observe substantial volumes of water flowing in drainages or alongside the road. This is typical for flushing.

• You may experience fluctuations in service pressure. If pressure problems persist, contact the District.

• While flushing is occurring, T.U.D. recommends not doing laundry and try to limit your water use in order not to draw this water into your household plumbing.

• If you have cloudy water after the water lines have been flushed, turn on an outside hose bibb in order to flush your service line prior to where the water enters the house.

T.U.D. Maintenance crews are flushing between 8am-3pm through Friday.