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Majority Against High Speed Rail

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Sonora, CA — A three day informal myMotherLode poll this week asked “Do You Support CA’s Plan To Build A High Speed Rail System?” An overwhelming 72% answered No, with 27% who voted Yes.

Similar opinions were reflected in the recent “On The Street” segment by News Director, B.J. Hansen. “On The Street” is a weekly vignette that airs on 1450 KVML, Star 92.7 and 93.5 KKBN. Some are in support of the idea but stress that now is not the time given the current economy and California’s budget problems.

To hear the segment you can visit the Multimedia On the Street section here.

25th District’s Assembly Member Olsen also sided with the majority on Thursday saying, “My immediate reaction to the Governer’s insistence on building the first phase of this project from the Fresno / Merced area to Bakersfield is ‘what a boondoggle of an outrage’.” Olsen maintains that voters approved a sustainable rail system costing far less than the current $98 billion estimate. Olsen is supporting a bill that would send the high speed rail initiative back to the ballot and give the voters another opportunity to say if they are still behind it.

The full Newsmaker of the Day story is titled, “Olsen Discusses High Speed Rail Project“.

Republican Congressman Jeff Denham’s also opposes the High Speed Rail project. Rep. Denham’s District 19 covers Tuolumne County. Denham added an ammendment to a U.S. House $260 billion transportation bill to prevent Federal funding from going to the $98 billion rail project.