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Yosemite Roads Open Soon

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Yosemite, CA — Yosemite Park Officials expect to open Tioga Pass (Highway 120) by Saturday, May 11th.

Yosemite National Park Spokesperson Kari Cobb says, they will start plowing April 29th and they are trying to get it open as quickly and safely as possible. Weather and other conditions could delay the scheduled opening date. She also noted that this year they expect to pay substantially less for road-clearing work due to the light snow pack. Cobb says it is possible the road could open before May 11th, but that is the date they are shooting for. 

Mariposa Grove Road is now open and Glacier Point Road, according to Cobb, is “hopefully and tenatively to open by Friday, May 3rd.” Plowing of Glacier Point Road began April 22nd. Both Tioga Pass and Glacier Point have been closed since November 8th, 2012.

Last year Tioga Pass opened on May 7th and Glacier Point opened on April 20th. Historically mid May to early June is when the passes are opened. In 2012 Tioga Pass opened on May 7th, in 2011 it was not until June 18th and in 2010 it was June 5th. The park has been tracking when they open the Tioga Pass since 1980. In the late 1980’s the pass was opened early in May and in 1987 it was opened the earliest ever, April 29th.