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SUHSD Responding To Farm Bureau About Wildcat Ranch

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Sonora, CA — The Sonora Union High School District Board of Trustees broke into closed session to discuss its response to a “cease and desist” letter sent by the Tuolumne County Farm Bureau regarding the sale of the Wildcat Ranch property.

We reported earlier that the Farm Bureau sent a letter to the district after the board’s decision to sell 112 acres for $1-million, at the intersection of Tuolumne and Wards Ferry roads, to The Park Foundation. The district is retaining 25 acres for its agricultural education program. Many members of the ag community would like to see the sale nixed and the district retain the entire property. The Farm Bureau argues that the district violated the Brown Act by earlier discussing the sale with members of the foundation in closed session. It was an issue that was later addressed by the board at a later meeting.

Asked about what occurred during last night’s meeting, Superintendent Dr. Mark Miller tells Clarke Broadcasting, “Closed session is confidential and really can’t be discussed publicly. What I can say is that this issue is now in the hands of our attorneys, who will respond in writing to the cease and desist letter. After that, our attorney and the Farm Bureau will have to decide where the go from there.”

Dr. Miller confirms that the district is not rescinding the sale. He adds that the attorney representing the school district is Anne Collins with the Sacramento based firm Lozano Smith. He anticipates that the legal matter could be discussed further at future board of trustee meetings.

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