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New Proposal Floated To Breakup California

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Sacramento, CA — While there are many signs around the Mother Lode calling for a State of Jefferson, a new group has formed proposing to expand the area that would encompass a 51st state.

The “New California” group, founded by Tom Reed and Robert Paul Preston, argues that the state is too big, has unnecessary regulations, and too high of taxes. The group proposes to keep the coastal region stretching from San Francisco to Los Angeles in California (branching into Sacramento as well), and most other areas of the state would be part of New California. Earlier this week the group launched a Declaration of Independence from California. Actually creating a new state is considered a long shot, but something the group plans to seek. It would need to be approved by the state legislature before being submitted to the Congress.

In addition to the Sierra Nevada, New California would include cities such as San Jose, Fresno, Chico, Redding, Modesto, Stockton, Eureka, Riverside and San Diego.

  • New California Map (California in Orange and New California in Red and Blue)