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Deputies, Explorers Deliver Dinosaur, Other Holiday Delights

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San Andreas, CA – As Mother Lode residents celebrated Christmas holidays over a long weekend local elves with law enforcement day jobs made some special Santa deliveries.

Calaveras County deputies and Explorers paid a Christmas Day visit to personally bring gifts for a young boy who recently lost his mother and sibling in a car accident. The visit made good on a special wish for a dinosaur that deputies had learned he had requested from Santa. The item required some research and shopping for  the biggest stuffed dino they could find.

Just ahead of the weekend, Explorers, deputies and McGruff the Crime Dog delivered presents around the county to about a half-dozen kids chosen to get gifts as a result of unfortunate to tragic circumstances and/or recommendation by local school teachers. These presents were purchased through previous fundraising and service efforts. Among the gifts that two of the children respectively received were a scooter and a bicycle to replace items that had been recently stolen from them.