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Tuolumne County Superior Court Launches Online Program For Traffic Ticket Relief

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Sonora, CA– Tuolumne County Superior Court has introduced “MyCitations,” an online platform designed to assist individuals struggling to pay fines related to infractions. This initiative aligns with a statewide mandate requiring all California Superior Courts to provide this online option by July 1, 2024.

“MyCitations” allows users to manage their outstanding infraction fines conveniently. Through the website, individuals can request fine reductions, payment plans, or extensions without needing to appear in court. Users can search for their citations online if they do not have the necessary paperwork. The platform converts a series of simple questions into an online request sent directly to the court for review. A judge will assess each reduction request based on the individual’s financial situation. The court will notify applicants of the judge’s decision. For those without online access, similar requests can be made in person using a “MyCitations” paper application available at the court clerk’s counter.

For more information about the program, contact Court CEO Hector Gonzalez at (209) 533-5556 or via email at The MyCitations tool can be accessed on the court’s website here or directly here.


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