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Dynamite Found At Strawberry Home

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Strawberry, CA – The public could hear some loud booms this evening as Tuolumne County Sheriff’s officials say they plan to blow up some sticks of dynamite found at a Strawberry home this morning.

That is because deputies have called in the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad to help dispose of the volatile materials found at the property. Around 7:30 a.m., a report of dynamite and other explosives sent a Tuolumne Sheriff’s Deputy racing to the scene. A family member cleaning up the home on Highway 108 near Strawberry Road discovered some of the dynamite in a box in a dryer, as seen in the image box photos.

Upon his arrival, the deputy determined the dynamite was unstable and that a bomb squad would be needed to handle the explosives. CalFire and law enforcement are currently on the scene working out a plan to detonate the explosives and then safely dispose of them, according to Tuolumne Sheriff’s officials. They noted that its disposal would cause several loud explosions in the Strawberry area.

“Old dynamite can be very unstable; we ask the public not to handle, cover, move, or transport unwanted explosives. We are thankful this dynamite did not explode unintentionally and that no one was injured,” stated Tuolumne Sheriff’s officials.

An update will be provided as soon as new information comes into the newsroom.

  • Property in Strawberry where dynamite was found
  • Explosives found at Strawberry home
  • Property in Strawberry where dynamite was found