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Homeless Encampment Bill Fails In CA Senate Committee

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Sacramento, CA — A bill authored by the GOP Senate leader, and backed by some Democrats like Marie Alvarado Gil, was voted down in the Senate Public Safety Committee.

It would have prohibited homeless encampments from being near community spaces like schools and transit stops. It would have also outlawed camping on sidewalks and streets so long as shelter space is available elsewhere. There would have been a 72-hour notice prior to an encampment sweep and a requirement that law enforcement provide information about sleeping alternatives, homeless and mental health services, and homeless shelters.

It was modeled after a bill put in place in the City of San Diego.

It did not have the support of Democrats in the Public Safety Committee.

Bill author, Senate Republican leader Brian Jones, responds, “I’m disappointed in the closed-minded opposition from the majority party members of the Senate Public Safety Committee to new approaches and their knee-jerk support of just throwing more money at the problem with no real plan.”

Democrat Senator Catherine Blakespear of Encinitas was a co-author, and Senator Alvarado-Gil, who represents the Mother Lode, signed on in support. Alvarado-Gil said it prioritizes “compassion and equitable treatment for all members of our community.”

The committee vote was 3-1 in opposition, so it will not move forward this session.