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Groveland Traffic Stop Results In Driver Running, Passenger Arrested

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Groveland, CA – A Groveland woman was arrested after the driver of the vehicle she was in ran after being pulled over and remains on the loose.

A recent traffic stop for expired registration in the 11800 block of Powder House Street near Foote Street south of Highway 120 in Groveland ended with the driver taking off on foot while the passenger remained inside the vehicle. Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Deputies then ordered the passenger, 34-year-old Audrey Pritchard, out of the vehicle.

A record check revealed that Pritchard had an outside agency misdemeanor warrant for her arrest. A search of the vehicle uncovered a leaded cane or club, which is illegal to have in the state of California, and an open container of alcohol. She was arrested without incident on charges of felony possession of a leaded cane, possession of an open container of alcohol, expired vehicle registration, and an outside agency misdemeanor warrant.