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Political Sign Stealing Brings Warning From Calaveras Sheriff’s Office

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San Andreas, CA – Political campaign sign issues related to stealing, defacing, and placement have local law enforcement and Caltrans cautioning the public.

Recent incidents of sign stealing have Calaveras County Sheriff’s officials reminding the public that this is a criminal offense.

“It is critical to respect the democratic process and the rights of others to express their opinions freely. We have been made aware of some incidents regarding stealing political campaign signs, which we would like to clarify is disrespectful and a criminal offense under California law,” disclosed sheriff’s officials.

According to California Penal Code 594, as defined in sections 484 and 488, punishable offenses include vandalism, theft, and defacing property with inscribed materials, which impose penalties such as fines and community service.

“The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to maintaining the law and ensuring that every citizen can freely express themselves through speech and political expression without any threat of damage or theft. We encourage all members of our community to value and respect the political process and the belongings of others,” added sheriff’s officials.

Additionally, Caltrans District 10, which covers the Mother Lode, gave this reminder to political candidates and campaign workers that any political campaign signs are “not to be placed within the state right-of-way, nor visible within 660 feet from the edge of any state highway or freeway.” Click here for more information on the campaign signage laws.