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Economic Development Opportunities In Groveland

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Groveland, CA — A meeting is planned for Monday to discuss an action plan for economic development in the community of Groveland.

The goal is to gather public input and ideas. You can read a two-page draft document prepared ahead of the meeting that highlights a vision for the future, community needs, ongoing projects, and action items, by clicking here.

The document states, “The community’s vision for the future includes making Groveland a more inviting destination for tourists, reducing its status as a mere pass-through location. This vision encompasses enhancing the variety of businesses, establishing a camping and RV facility near downtown, fostering community engagement, and communicating the region’s history related to gold mining and the railroad. There is also a desire to improve the availability of family-friendly food options, address overcrowding during the summer months, and increase the business opportunities in the winter.”

Some of the needs identified include affordable housing, more diverse events, historical education opportunities, improved signage, technology for visitor information, and the establishment of a local recreation department. There is also a call for affordable daycare and more youth activities.

The public meeting on Groveland’s economic development future will be Monday, February 5, at 3 pm at the Groveland Community Resiliency Center at 18986 Ferretti Road.