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Love Is In The Air, But Could Stink

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Jamestown, CA – As we head into February to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s not just humans that are feeling the love.

The end of January through March is skunk mating season, and one place the stinky critters like to go is under homes, like in crawl spaces where it can be dry and warm.

“Make no mistake, that pungent order wafting through the air is not necessarily pheromones of love; it’s most likely the result of a female rejecting a male suitor,” shared Tuolumne County Animal Control officials.

One way to protect your home is to “skunkproof” it by covering or putting up fencing over any openings under your home. It also protects the skunks, as they cannot be released or relocated once caught, according to animal control. They added that skunks are the most common animals in Tuolumne County to have rabies, so pet owners should make sure their pet vaccines are up-to-date.