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Update: Sonora PD Animal Cruelty Incident, Dog Okay

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Posted at 5:45 p.m.: Sonora police have an update on an alleged animal cruelty incident in downtown Sonora reported on New Year’s Eve around 5 p.m. Investigators asked the public for any information they might have regarding the incident near the intersection of South Washington Street and Stockton Road involving a green pickup and released a picture. This evening, police spokesperson Cpl. Thomas Brickley stated, “We were able to go out physically and inspect the dog, and the dog appeared to be in good health and was mobile and playful with the owner and officers.” Brickley added, “We were unable to identify any visible injuries.”

Initially, two witnesses had told police that the driver had used a knife to kill the dog, a medium-sized cattle dog, but instead, police say he was cutting the dog’s tether. Certain aspects of the investigation are still ongoing, but Brickley could not speak on that. No arrests have been made, and the police thanked those in the public who called in with information.

Original post written by BJ Hansen at 7:12 a.m.: Sonora, CA — An investigation is underway into an alleged animal cruelty incident that was reported on New Year’s Eve (December 31) at around 5 pm near the intersection of South Washington Street and Stockton Road.

The Sonora Police Department reports, “Information we gathered so far suggests that the driver of this pickup (pictured) caused unnecessary harm to his dog after negligently causing it to be drug by its tether.”

Anyone knowing the owner of the green pickup truck, or having information about the incident, is encouraged to contact the Sonora Police Department at 209-532-8141.