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Holland Enters District One TC Supervisor Race

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Sonora, CA — A longtime school board member and local business owner is entering the District One Tuolumne County Supervisor race.

Mike Holland has announced his candidacy for the seat that covers the greater Sonora area. He is a current member of the Sonora High School Board of Trustees and a former member of the Curtis Creek school board.

Explaining his decision to jump into the race, Holland says, “Over the past several years I have been disheartened by the representation of our local government. I know there are no easy solutions to any of our challenges, but I am willing to put in the hard work to ensure the safety of our community is prioritized above political special interests, while challenging the status quo questionable budgeting practices”

Continuing, “My vision of service prioritizes public safety, fire protection, road improvements, and growing our local economy. I have witnessed the homeless challenges take a grip on our local governments time and energy, leaving our community feeling unheard and unrepresented. I know and understand how to take on these challenges without sacrificing the values of our community.”

A longtime local resident, Holland says he moved to Tuolumne County when he was six years old and he and his wife Susan have raised their family here.

He was a peace officer for five years, has a California License to practice real estate, and a California building contractor license. He also owns the company Sonora Recycling.

The incumbent in the race, David Goldemberg, has not stated whether he will seek re-election. Other declared candidates include Sonora City Council members Matt Hawkins and Mark Plummer, and retired teacher Joanne McCullough.

The primary election is in March of 2024.