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California GOP Has Legislative Victory On Trafficking

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Sacramento, CA — Republicans, who are in the minority in both branches of the California legislature, had a victory this week.

There was a reverse course on one of their high-priority bills, calling for increased penalties for child traffickers.

Senate Bill 14 authored by Central Valley Republican Senator Shannon Grove was initially voted down on Tuesday in the Assembly Public Safety Committee when two Republicans voted aye and six Democrats chose to abstain, so it was declined due to a lack of a committee majority.

However, Governor Gavin Newsom had discussions with Grove after the vote and decided to endorse the bill. It was then reconsidered Thursday and approved 6-0, with two abstentions, following the Governor’s urging.

Senator Grove was very pleased, noting, “This is a bill with strong bipartisan support, and protecting victims of child sex trafficking should not be a partisan issue. Today is a victory for every survivor. However, the battle is not over—SB 14 must still go through the Assembly Appropriations Committee when legislators return from Summer recess….I urge every Californian to stay engaged until the bill is signed into law.”

The bill would add child trafficking to the list of serious offenses in California, which would increase sentences for violators.