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Congressman McClintock Calls For Balanced Budget Amendment

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Washington, DC — Mother Lode Republican Congressman Tom McClintock has authored a Joint Resolution that proposes a Constitutional amendment to prohibit the US Government from increasing its debt without ¾ approval of both branches of the legislature.

It was introduced by McClintock, and three co-sponsors, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Buddy Carter of Georgia and Tracey Mann of Kansas.

Constitutional amendments are challenging to pass, as they require a vote in favor by 2/3 of both the House and Senate, and then ratification by ¾ of the states (38 of 50).

McClintock said in a statement yesterday, “Before we can provide common defense and promote the general welfare we have to be able to pay for it, and our massive debt directly threatens our ability to do so.”

If it was passed, the Constitutional amendment would take effect 10 years after its ratification. It would be an alternative to regularly increasing the federal debt ceiling.

McClintock has introduced similar balanced budget proposals in the past. Proponents are hoping it will be allowed to go up for a vote this time since Republicans have reclaimed control of the US House.