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Update: Boil Water Advisory For Many Brentwood TUD Customers

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Update at 5:50 p.m.: Tuolumne Utilities District has released new information about what caused the district to issue a boil notice to customers in the Brentwood area of Tuolumne County. TUD spokesperson Emily Long gives this update to Clarke Broadcasting, “It has been determined that the low pressure in the system was caused by a water main line break near Sullivan Creek on South Fork Road, causing the Lakewood Water Tank to drain.” She added, “The repair has been completed, and the line is being flushed. Once flushing is complete, water quality samples will be taken later this evening. The District anticipates being able to lift the Boil Water Advisory once all samples have passed safety standards, sometime on Friday, January 6th, 2023.”

Update written by BJ Hansen at 9am: TUD has added more streets to the list of those impacted. The below story has been updated.

Sonora, CA — Many TUD customers in the Brentwood area of Tuolumne County are being advised to boil their water before consuming it.

TUD reports there was a recent loss in pressure in an isolated section of the water distribution system impacting those who receive water from the Upper Basin Lakewood Water Treatment Plant. The water now needs to be tested to ensure it is safe. When testing is complete, the order will be lifted.

The order impacts the streets below:

Ferrari Rd.

Scenic Heights Dr.

Longeway Rd. (above Hunts Rd.)

Scenic Heights Ct.

Hidden Creek Ct.

Fair Oaks Ln.

Lucky Strike Trail

Thunderbolt Mine Rd.

Thunderbolt Dr.

High Rd.

Good Shepherd Dr.

Geraldine Cr.

Joe Hooke Ln.

Wildcat Ridge Rd.

Canyon Oaks Dr.

Sunnybrook Dr.

Cari Ct.

Kimball Ct.

Virginia Ave.

Bonanza Dr.

Laramie Ln.

South Fork Rd.

Middlecamp Rd.

Pinewood Ln.

Joaquin Gully Rd.

Mt. Elizabeth Rd.

Tanager Dr.

Pipit Ct.

Kinglet Ct.

Plateau Rd.

Winterhaven Rd.

Chickadee Ln.

Oriole Ln.

Towee Ln.

Teague Ln.

Robin Rd.

Blue Jay Ct.

Gina Ave.

Bluebird Hill Rd.

Lark Dr.

Dove Ct.

Quail Dr.

Hawk Ln.

Brentwood Ln.

Wren Hollow Ct.

Solitaire Ct.

Thrush Pl.

Fact Sheet About What to Do During a Boil Water Advisory



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