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Tuolumne County Proposing 1-Percent Sales Tax Increase For Specific Services

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Sonora, CA — After a generic sales tax measure was voted down two years ago, Tuolumne County voters will decide on a more honed-in measure.

After weighing various different options and ideas at yesterday’s supervisors’ meeting, the end consensus by the board was a one-percent sales tax increase and the money would specifically go to the sheriff’s office, fire, and roads. The breakdown is 40-percent for sheriff, 40-percent for fire, and 20-percent for roads. If approved by voters in November, it would go into a special fund and bring in a combined $7-million in additional new revenue, annually.

The board members noted that law enforcement, fire and roads are the three areas they hear the most concerns about from constituents. While some board members voiced hesitation about whether residents will approve it, given that a general sales tax was recently voted down, the board decided to give it another go with this new version. It would also have a 10-year sunset clause, meaning that it will go away, if not renewed by the pubilc, in another decade.