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California May Start Requiring Gun Insurance

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Sacramento, CA — A bill is up for debate at the California state capitol that would mandate gun owners purchase liability insurance.

It would cover the damages that occur from the accidental or negligent use of firearms. The bill is authored by Democratic Senator Nancy Skinner, who says it models a new law approved this year by the City of San Jose. She says it is the same idea as purchasing insurance for a vehicle. Lawmakers in the state of New York are considering a similar law.

It is opposed by gun rights groups, like the Gun Owners of California. The organization argues that no insurance companies will cover the misuse of firearms and that it also infringes on Constitutional rights.

A second gun-related bill, authored by Democrat Marc Levine, would place a new tax on firearm purchases, totaling around 10-percent. It would raise an estimated $118-million that would be allocated for gun violence prevention programs.