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Governor Brown Upset Over Climate Change Ruling

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Sacramento, CA — The Supreme Court has put a halt on President Obama’s plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

The initiative is a key part of the President’s climate change efforts. The high court ruled yesterday that the EPA should stop enforcement of the President’s “Clean Power Plan” until the US Court of Appeals makes a decision on the merits of a lawsuit filed against it. That means that the legal battle will likely continue well into the year 2017, when President Obama is out of office. 29 states had joined the lawsuit against the President’s plan.

Governor Jerry Brown has issued a statement reading, “As the world gets hotter and closer to irreversible climate change, these justices appear tone-deaf as they fiddle with procedural niceties. This arbitrary roadblock does incalculable damage and undermines America’s climate leadership. But make no mistake, this won’t stop California from continuing to do its part under the Clean Power Plan.”

It is noted that individual states, like California, are allowed to move forward on the President’s plan, but the 29 in opposition are not required to do so. The opponents that filed the lawsuit argue that the move would increase the costs of energy and hurt the economy.