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Assemblyman Bigelow Critical Of New Proposed Budget

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Sacramento, CA — Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced that California is now projecting a $97-billion budget surplus.

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District Five Republican Assemblyman, Frank Bigelow, who represents the Mother Lode, says, “California needs to stop finding more ways to spend taxpayer money and send it back to the people to whom it is owed.”

Bigelow says he would like to see the state immediately suspend the excise gas tax, similar to other Republican leaders.

Bigelow also says that the May revised budget cuts spending on wildfire protection, by about $1-billion, compared to last year. He notes, “We are sadly moving into what looks like another tough fire season. We cannot lay off of the gas pedal now. We must invest in resources to prevent and suppress wildfires.”

Bigelow, meanwhile, feels a positive is that the diesel sales tax is anticipated to be suspended for 12 months as part of the Governor’s plan.