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T.U.D. Will Discuss Conservation Requirements

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Sonora, CA — The T.U.D. Board of Directors will readdress whether to change the mandatory conservation measures placed on customers.

The state is requiring that T.U.D. reduce water use by 24%, compared to 2013 levels. The district is currently requiring that customers cut usage by 30%. During the most recent reporting period, the district customers stepped up and reduced usage by over 40%. It is often easier to reduce average water use during the summer months because there is traditionally more outside lawn watering and irrigation. Whether to reduce the 30% mandate will be up for discussion. In addition, the Board will vote whether to set special meetings on August 17th and 18th to interview applicants for the General Manager position.

Also, the board will vote whether to approve a contract with an outside consulting firm related to public relations for the upcoming rate study. Today’s meeting starts at 2pm in the board meeting room.

  • TUD Building