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Water Forum Dates Announced

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) announced it will be hosting three public water forums in June. T.U.D. spokesperson Lisa Westbrook says “they are free, open to the public, we are really trying to educate and engage the community.”

The Community Water Council held a series of meetings in March. Westbrook says the Water Council voted on what to make the top recomendations. Westbrook says the number one idea was “improving the ditch system to increase efficancy.” She added that other items included working on water loss and piping for most of the distribution system. Also to “make the main flue for the main canal a little bit more reliable, that is the main water source that comes out of Lyons reservior.”

The Community Water Council includes utilities, environmental groups, public officials, and groups who play key roles in the community. The group’s goal is to help assure the water needs of the region can be met over the next 100 years.

The top ideas with 0 being worst and 5 being best were:
Improve the ditch system to increase efficiency 4.70
Reduce water loss within the piped systems 4.45
Make the flume from the Main Canal out of Lyons more reliable 4.45
Construct new off-stream storage 3.85
Review all reservoirs to increase capacity as is being done at Phoenix reservoir 3.15

The public Community Water Forums will be held in June to discuss the top water solutions on:

Wednesday, June 10th Sonora Opera Hall, Sonora 6-8pm
Thursday, June 11th Columbia Elementary, Columbia 6-8pm
Thursday, June 18th Tuolumne Memorial Hall, Tuolumne 6-8pm

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