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New Melones Water Flow Deal “Sound”

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Washington, D.C. —   Republican Congressman Jeff Denham played a role in getting all the sides talking in the New Melones water fight.

Part of Congressman Jeff Denham’s work involved putting pen to paper.  As reported in late March, Denham and Congressman Tom McClintock co-signed a letter of support for a temporary urgency change petition sought earlier in the talks.  Denham’s office reports the two also sent a series of letters to the Bureau of Reclamation, NOAA Fisheries, the State Water Resources Control Board, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife outline their concerns.  In regards to the new deal, as reported earlier, the releases at Goodwin Dam began at 1 a.m. Saturday, starting at 200 cubic feet per second over several hours ramping up to 1,500 and down to 1,300 Tuesday morning.  Normal operations will continue on Lake Tulloch through October 1 with drawdowns after that depending on New Melones levels.

Congressman Denham says, “After extensive negotiations I am pleased to see the Bureau and the districts moving forward with an agreement that protects agriculture, people and the environment.  The districts brought tremendous data and scientific knowledge to the table, while protecting their livelihoods, and the federal and state agencies worked overtime to ensure the agreement was sound.  It’s an important step forward as we prepare for the hot summer months ahead.”

Here are the three letters to the different agencies involved. DenhamMcClintock.NewMelonesOps&Flow.3.11.15New Melones State Water Resources Control BoardNew Melones Bureau of Reclamation