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Faucet and Flushing Efficiency

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Sacramento, CA – State regulators voted to speed up water use, tap and flushing standards on toilets and faucets due to the lingering drought.

Last week’s emergency drought order by Governor Jerry Brown, allowed the California Energy Commission on Wednesday to approve new requirements on water limits for related appliances to take effect, some six months ahead of schedule for faucets. Standards for urinals have already been in effect since 2014.

“California is serious about water conservation and is committed to consistent and clear water efficiency policies,” said Commissioner Andrew McAllister, who added, “In the face of California’s current drought, we must use water as efficiently as possible, and updating minimum standards for toilets, urinals and faucets is a step in that direction.”

The new rules include urinals flushing no more than an eighth of a gallon, which is down from half a gallon. Faucets for bathrooms and kitchens are limited to pouring between 1.2 and 2.2 gallons a minute.

Starting January 2016, appliances that do not meet these standards cannot be sold by retailers.

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