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Where’s My Bus?

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Sonora, CA – Find out where and when a local bus will make it to stops along its Tuolumne County Transit (TCT) route at any time thanks to new technology.

Riders can access real time information via a mobile smart phone, text, or calling (209-416-3994) using the new “NextBus” alerts.

TCT Transportation Planner Alex Padilla explains, “Day to day traffic congestion, summer tourist travel, and inclement weather will be reflected in the bus departure times through real time updates.  This feature will help riders more effectively manage their busy lives.”

Riders can also be alerted to any route changes, disruptions, or emergencies and will automatically be notified via a text or e-mail when their bus is about to depart.  New signs are up along all TCT routes with information on how to sign up for the alerts.  Additionally, for more details click here.

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