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Supervisors Approve Courthouse Tree Removal

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Supervisors approved a $40,000 plan that includes removing some hazard trees in Courthouse Park, and pruning of several others.

“The removal and thinning of trees is critical for safety, and overall tree and plant health in the park,” said Craig Pedro, CAO. “These recommendations are supported by three reports prepared by two out-of-county arborists, over a three year period.”

Seven of the 18 trees in Courthouse Park will be removed. It was noted that only one new tree would be planted, over concerns that the park is becoming overgrown.   Sharon Marovich, representing the Tuolumne Heritage Committee asked the county to “slow-down,” and remove only a few of the most hazardous trees at first, and see if pruning and other strategies could help the others. The group also called for replanting of additional trees.

On the issue of losing trees, Sonora City Councilmember Connie Williams later addressed the Supervisors, and noted that many new trees will be planted in the downtown district as part of the Vision Sonora project.

The Courthouse plan was approved 5-0. It also includes replacing the hedges along the marble walkways, upgrading the watering system, installing security cameras and other items.

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