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Price Tag For Recall Election In California Was $200-Million

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Sacramento, CA — California Secretary of State Shirly Weber has put out a report detailing the financial costs of last year’s attempted recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.

Weber says the total amount to put on the special election was $200,241,680. It was less than original estimates that ranged from $215-million-$243-million. In the end, she says there were $174-million in county costs and $26-million in expenses from the Secretary of State’s Office.

When delivering the report, Weber argued, “This was a substantial cost to taxpayers and a significant disruption to governing the state. This price tag confirms that it is necessary to revisit the recall process and to pursue effective reforms.”

The report released to Senate and Assembly leaders breaks down how much was spent by each county to carry out the election. For example, it was $222,843 in Calaveras County, $147,501 in Tuolumne County, $120,043 in Amador County and $70,549 in Mariposa County. Click here to view the full report.