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County Approves AB 109 Budget

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The Tuolumne County Supervisors approved the local AB-109 prisoner realignment budget for the new fiscal year.

$1.9 million will be spent on the Community Corrections Partnership Plan. AB-109 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2011 to reduce the state’s prison population. Several “lower-level” offenders are now spending time in county jails or Probation Department programs, rather than state prison. As reported previously, the fiscal year 2014-15 local budget increases the spending for electronic monitoring by $50,000. In addition there will be $20,000 more spent on specialized training for Sheriff’s Office and Probation Department Staff.

There are still concerns about how much funding will be available from the state over the long term. District Two Supervisor Randy Hanvelt stated, “We’ll survive this year, and probably survive next year, but my impression is that the Governor has a mind set to reduce funding to these programs long term. And that is of significant concern to me.”

Implementing AB-109 in Tuolumne County was the topic of a recent edition of Mother Lode Views. Click here to find the entire 30-minute show.

  • Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors
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