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New Emergency Services For Jamestown Area

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Jamestown, CA – New emergency services are coming to the Jamestown area of Tuolumne County.

Wednesday, Chicken Ranch Rancheria Me‐Wuk Indians of California announced they are teaming up with the Sonora Fire Department (SFD) to establish an emergency services partnership for the Tribe’s future fire station. In a written release, Tribal leaders detailed, “This agreement is intended to help strategize staffing needs for a new fire and emergency services facility currently being developed on tribal lands in the Jamestown area. The ultimate goal of the facility is to not only provide much-needed emergency response resources for the Tribal Community but also serve as a regional facility that will provide support to the surrounding areas.”

There are still a few details that the tribe and SFD are working on in terms of the final agreement. Those areas still being developed include the “full extent of response services provided and region to be served.” Tribal leaders added they are “confident this endeavor and partnership will be a positive step forward in protecting the Tribe and local community.”