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Tuolumne County Adds New Pothole Patcher

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Sonora, CA — Leaders in Tuolumne County are optimistic that local roads will see improvements following the purchase of a new piece of equipment that can do hot asphalt repairs.

Last year the board of supervisors agreed to spend up to $250,000 in road funds on a new pothole patching machine. The public works department was able to negotiate a lower price ($150,000), so it came in under budget.  Officials say the pothole patcher will be a significant upgrade over the previous “cold patch” treatments that have frequently been used along Tuolumne County’s 610-mile road system.

The new patching machine requires a two-person team to operate, with one crew member patching potholes while the other follows behind with a protective attenuator. Up to six tons of hot asphalt can be transported in the machine’s high-temperature hopper, allowing for improved and longer-lasting repairs.

District Three Supervisor Anaiah Kirk states, “Future plans are to have a dedicated pothole crew now that we have this state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Between the increases in ditching projects, and culvert pipe repairs which keep water off our roads, the addition of this hot patch machine is adding major headway in preventative maintenance to our fragile roads.”

District Two Supervisor, and board chair, Ryan Campbell, is also optimistic this will bring noteworthy improvements. Adding, “The state of our roads has been a major concern for our community for a long time, and I am proud that we are finally making great strides to improve our infrastructure.”

Training of staff should commence within the next week, with the plan to have it fully operating in the county by November.

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