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State Anticipates Leveling Of COVID-19 Surge

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Sacramento, CA — The latest state epidemiology models indicate that the current COVID-19 surge will likely plateau around Labor Day and then start to decrease.

State Epidemiologist Erica Pan says that things are looking more hopeful but warns that COVID is still very unpredictable.

There are an estimated 8,200 COVID patients in California hospitals and about 2,000 are in intensive care units. The modeling projects that the hospitalizations will increase to around 9,300 early next month before leveling off. The state is also estimating that nearly 2,000 people will die from COVID in the next few weeks.

The case numbers will fall as additional people become vaccinated, and others gain levels of natural immunity after getting sick and recovering.

Pan notes that rural areas, where vaccination rates are typically lower, are faring worse in the current surge than more urban areas, like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The state estimates that two-thirds of eligible Californians 12 and over are fully vaccinated.