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Driver Arrested After nearly 32 Grams Of Meth Uncovered In Vehicle

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Rail Road Flat, CA – The driver of a vehicle with no registration tag was arrested after nearly 32 grams of meth were uncovered.

A Calaveras County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted the vehicle while patrolling Ridge Road in Rail Road Flat last week and made a traffic stop. Behind the wheel was 44-year-old Earl West from Lodi.  He consented to a search of the vehicle that uncovered a larger Ziploc baggie with what appeared to be methamphetamine inside.  It was hidden in a small camera case. West was taken into custody without incident.

While processing the white powder, the deputy found, two separate baggies and two glass pipes. Sheriff’s spokesperson Lt. Greg Stark disclosed that the first bag weighed 26.3 grams and the second 4.8 grams in packaging. Lt. Stark detailed, “To illustrate the amount located, a typical single-use packet of sugar or artificial sweetener is approximately 2-4 grams.  Suspect West had the equivalent of approximately 8-15 individual serving packets.”

The substance tested positive, on a presumptive test, for methamphetamine. The substance was sent to the California Department of Justice for further analysis and further confirmation.

West was charged with two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance for sale and transport of a drug. His bail was set at $55,000.