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Driver Plows Through Front Door Of Arnold Grocery Store

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Arnold, CA – The boy in the image box looks on while possibly pondering how this car ended up inside an Arnold grocery store.

That is exactly what CHP investigators are also trying to determine. During the noon hour on Friday (July 2), shoppers and clerks inside the Big Trees Market, off Highway 4 on Cedar Lane, were shocked when a vehicle came crashing through the front doors. The CHP says, at this time, it is unclear whether the elderly driver suffered a medical issue or accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.

Luckily, no one inside the store nor the driver, who was helped out of the vehicle, were injured. CHP officials say, one thing is clear, if it were not for a steel awning beam (seen leaning over the vehicle in the picture) that stopped the vehicle dead in its tracks, this accident could have been much worse.

The market did not shut down while a tow crew removed the wreckage from the doorway.