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Williams Discusses City Of Sonora Issues

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After two years of being with Sonora City Council, Connie Williams finds the experience to be both enjoyable and enlightening.

Williams was Thursday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

“I’m interested in the city of Sonora and what is best for the people that I reperesent,” said Williams. “This has been an educational and heartwarming two years.”

Williams points out the challenges of never having been a part of public office before.

“I probably ask more questions than anyone else in the city because I always want to make sure I completely understand the issues,” said Williams.

Williams continues, “Under City Administrator Tim Miller, the city does not have a deficit. Tim has made it very clear that the belt is tightened and we are in the black. Keeping it that way depends in part on the economy and sales taxes. It really does help the city when residents shop local.”  

Williams and her husband moved to Tuolumne County from Atlanta, Georgia.

After becoming involved in the community, Williams became tired of hearing others complain about why decisions were made about certain county issues.

“Rather than sit back, I put my name in the hat to become a Tuolumne County Planning Commissioner. That way I could become directly involved in the areas of land use planning and the decision making process there,” said Williams.

Williams said that the heartbeat of Tuolumne County is Sonora and her passions began to lean that way, which is why she ran for one of the three open city council seats two years ago.

Next on the list, Williams says, “The vote for accepting plans for “Vision Sonora” is coming soon and those votes will be important for determining Sonora’s long term goals”.

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