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ATCCA Food Bank Delivers

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Sonora, CA — Lee Kimball at the ATCCA food bank says that they are managing and processing the local volunteer effort. She says, “We live in just the greatest community! It has been a whirlwind of people coming in, even with their children.” The food bank has a list of volunteers and people are put to work answering the phone line, delivering supplies to the Mother Lode Fairgrounds Red Cross Evacuation Center, sorting, and updating their computer inventory system. Chefs at evacuation center have computer form that allows them to see what the inventory is so they have everything they need to prepare.

Food donations will be accepted at the food bank at 8:00AM or 2:00PM Saturday and Sunday. “We are clipping it along and it has been quite a fun thing to manage,” Kimball says in regards to the high volume of help.

ATCCA’s request: Today the greatest need is for paper plates and plastic utensils and cups. The chef request heavy duty plates, utensils and cups. They stress, do not go to the Fairgrounds or bring supplies to the fairgrounds, ATCCA is working with the Red Cross Evacuation Center directly to provide for all their needs.

They will also be open Monday through Friday for food donations between 9:00AM and 1:00PM.

Kimball says to be sure to call if you are coming with a big truck of food or donations so they can prepare with forklifts: 984-3964

There is a list being kept of people want to help out call (209) 984-3964. 

Kimball says “We are so grateful to the response and people are just wonderful and so responsive!” 

A-TCAA Food Bank 10059 Victoria Way (next to the Humane Society) Jamestown, CA map here.

A-TCCA has a Jackson Office at 935 S. Hwy 49 call 209-223-1485

A-TCAA Sonora Office is at 427 N. Hwy 49, Sonora, CA on Google Maps.
They are located on the Tuolumne County Transit line, Route 2. Get off at Sonora High and walk away from downtown along Highway 49.