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Power Fire Update

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Pinecrest, CA — The Power Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest just above Pinecrest is now 40 percent contained and has grown to 925 acres. The number of fire fighters on the scene has increased to 565. Forest Service Officials report they made good progress today, however one fire fighter was injured when he fell into a burn hole and burned his hand. He was treated at an area hospital and went back on the job.

Spokesperson Tina Rose outlines their strategy for tonight, “It’s going to be pretty cold and the humidity is going to come up so they’re going to be able to get a lot more fire extinguished throughout the night. It’s the most dangerous time for fire fighters to work, but it’s the time that we can really get a lot of work done.”

Rose says they want to remind the public that all road and facilities are open, so if you come to the forest this weekend use caution and drive slowly as there will be many fire fighters on the roadways.