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Grant Gives Life to Thrift Store

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Murphys, CA — Murphys Senior Center gets a financial boost from a grant that in turn will help them pay the bills for years to come. A $5,000 grant from the Calaveras Community Foundation has already allowed the center to open the Murphys Senior Center Thrift Store last November. Part of the money went to cash registers and showroom racks. The rest of the money went to a storage shed that was recently built to hold thrift store donations.

Executive Director of the Center Steve Shetzline say the grant has help them achieve a goal. “It allows us to finally be able to pay our bills every year. We’ve never been able to do that until now. Now, because of the thrift store and the donations we have income to be able to pay all of our overhead every month,” says Shetzline.

He says it also allows them to look at expanding the programs offered at the center.